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The event creator can either accept or deny user requests for attendance. On the left side bar, you can click "Attending" to see a list of the events for which you have requested an invite and been accepted. The feed filters allow you to sort events at a glance. You can see events created by everyone, events created by your buddies or just events going on in your local area.

It's up to you! Before we make an event though, let's upload our selfie!

Everything you need to know about Imgur

If you click on the "Settings" icon on the left sidebar, you will see a few options to upload a picture and change your timezone. Once your upload is successful, you will get an awesome notification message telling you so.

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Now that you have your selfie uploaded, let's go make an event to hangout with other awesome people. If you click on the top left icon, you will be taken back to your feed. Here, you can click the "Add Event" link at the top and a modal will pop up asking you for the details of the event. Let's say you are looking to go see a movie with someone on a Friday. Make an event for it and local users will be able to see it.

Login & Initial Onboard Process

I am just gonna create an event at my house for now. Once your details are all filled out, you can add your event by pressing the big green button at the bottom. You will notice this will automatically update your feed with the new event you created Now that we have posted an event, we should probably fill out our user profile so people know a little bit about who they're going to meet.

If you click on your name in the top right, you will be taken to your user profile. If I click on edit profile, I am able to see a few different options for adding details about myself. I can add attributes, write a long description introducing myself, or simply add various things that interest me. We are currently working on implementing a feature for searching for others by interests, so be sure to include short terms like "Doctor Who" or "Video Games" that are likely to help you find others like you. If I click save profile, all of my changes will be made to my page for the whole world to see!

The site has a few different notifications that users can receive. When you receive new notifications it will show at the top bar.

A giraffe and it's keeper - Imgur

One is for messages and the other is for friend requests. I am so excited to work on this project and deliver something truly amazing to you all! Thank you for everything!!! I am running a vote on which font lonely giraffes should use and I want your opinion!

I am not going to tell which one I like, I want to leave it to the community to make such decisions So, upvote with the number you like, suggest your own font, or go to the blog and comment on the post.

These... just... no.

Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. You may remember me I am the guy who posted this: The first night, the response was nuts.. Wasting no time and with the community behind me I got to work, answered questions, got feedback, worked on some designs and just generally got going on the project. I felt defeated for a minute I couldn't believe it Not only did he offer his server, he helped set up the entire environment, trouble shoot bugs and offer his advice when scaling.

So, where is lonely giraffes today? Javascript is required to view comments normally.

Zebras and Giraffes. Samburu National Reserve

It's a Social network built just for imgurians by imgurians, we started end of February and have just short of 45, imgurians signed up! We're slowly but surely cleaning up the interface and making it more minimalist.

You may remember me

It doesn't seem like much but it opens the site up much more. We wanted to make more ways for you guys to find each other in real life or find like minded people so we've spent some time and added a few extra options to the find imgurians area. Also we've made the searches much more refined so you can find imgurians in your age range.

There is still a lot to come from this area. We're also currently integrating some of the game networks making it easier for you all to use this as a way of connecting with like minded people. Kitty Cam isn't for everyone so we've added a few more extra options. If you've got any suggestions of what you'd like to see there just send it in: There have been a lot of issues with photos over the last few weeks especially with cropping. Most if not all those bugs should be fixed now but let me know if you're still having problems.

Don't worry you can turn this off in your privacy settings but if you're offline and someone sends you a message, you'll now get an e-mail alert if you've set your e-mail properly We've added some spam protection as well so you should only receive a max of 1 e-mail per imgurian every 3 hours.