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Boeing and Embraer expect tie-up to bite

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Boeing Hiring Process (QUESTIONS ANSWERED)

Ask what the next step is and ask if your PEP has been scheduled. Once you do that, it should get the ball rolling. But again I'll add that it doesn't allow you to list your high school, only universities, community colleges, and tech schools none of which I have attended yet. I like that idea Baddahoochi. I'll make sure to update my account this afternoon. I'm actually a little nervous right now, because I'm currently under consideration, and have been for 3 days, for parts finisher-forming and straightening B.

The posting closes Thursday, so if I make till then am I past the first phase? Thanks Yoda I appreciate the Help. For your High School information. I rechecked the information on Education Block in Account update and found more to help you out Olivia. Fill out your Country State City as this is required. I would focus on skills and accomplishments.

This will help solidify your background that you are a team player. That was my experience. They could be interviewing the cream of the crop as we speak.

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The close date was a month away for the position I got offered. You need to make your resume and account information accurate then stand out screaming I'm the person you want to hire. You may want fresh set of eyes other than your dad that may see something that could help you stand out of the crowd of potential candidates. I guess what I was thinking was that if you could not list your school, then work around it by adding it manually. Olivia in Arlington, Washington.

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I appreciate all your guys' help. English was never my best subject worst, actually when it came to writing things with prompts and directions, other than that I can write fine. Maybe you guys would be willing to look at my resume and give me some new, different opinions? I'm absolutely determined to get an interview. There are three new job openings that I am eligible and want to apply for: Olivia in Arlington, Washington said: I would, but Im not comfortable putting my email on this site.

I like my privacy. There is no way to email you Olivia or you me that I know of. Maybe yoda or mod knows. BoeFab in Seattle, Washington. The Boeing employment process is, for the most part, like this. At this point, computer software is scanning your resume for key words that match what the specific REQ states.

If the software doesn't find any, it will automatically dump your resume and change your status to "no longer under consideration". If you are still under consideration after a couple of days, then it is likely that you passed the first hurdle the software and will now have a "live" employee looking at your resume. There is no repeat NO timeframe for this. This process can take anywhere from weeks, to months, to even a year.

I know of specific REQs for Auburn that were posted back in march, and the interviews are only be carried out today sept I know of other REQs that were posted back in May, that internal Boeing employees applied for and have still heard nothing. My point, Boeing doesn't have a timeframe For those of you under consideration and getting impatient with it, my advice is to sit tight and don't fret on it.

When Boeing are ready to fill a particular position, they'll get around to it eventually Also, for those waiting on SPEEA related positions, with the negotiations going on right now its my understanding that management is after slowing its hiring process for a lot of SPEEA jobs until after a new agreement is hammered out. I'm sure there are exceptions to that however. Thanks For your inside Help.

LAX in los angeles, California. This is my 1st time visiting this forum and I only read the last couple posts I have an interesting question, What is Boeing's policy regarding Management dating an Employee??? Is it against Boeing's policy for higher level Management to date an employee??

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DeltaWing in Fort Worth, Texas. What about the timeline after you've been interviewed? I had a phone interview with Boeing Defense for an entry -level engineering position 10 days ago. Should I expect to get a decision pretty soon, or can that take a while?

They responded to my initial application rather quickly about a week.

I'm going to assume that your question is very relevant to a job offer you or your significant other has been made. I know of plenty of IAM folk who are married to office staff, some of whom are management. DeltaWing in Fort Worth, Texas said: Its frustrating, but thats how it works BoeFab in Seattle, Washington said: Thanks for your response.

Actually I am asking on behalf of someone else. I have NOT applied to Boeing. However, the employee is abusing the badge meaning using it for other business NOT related to Boeing such as airport , hotel , anything and everything else cell phone companies It looks like I'm no longer under consideration for the job.

I'll give them credit for responding quickly, but I have to say it was probably the dumbest and most inane interview I've ever sat through. How am I supposed to respond to a question like that?

Boeing and Embraer expect tie-up to bite | Business | The Times

Do they actually want engineers who make bad decisions? I'll be looking elsewhere from now on. LAX in los angeles, California said: Nope, abuse is not accepted at any level. Boeing Ethics phone number can be googled easily enough. Thats the star process. Boeing knows youre human, and that everyone makes mistakes. Telling the interviewer that youve never made one is a major red flag.

The questions are in STAR format situation, task, action, result they are all behavior questions. Don't give up, keep applying and your next interview, you will be ready. You could have said something to the effect of As a TEAM, we all decided that changing the part number, instead of revising it was actually the better way to handle it.

By changing the part number all together instead of just revising it, the build process was easier to understand Jeff in Denver, Colorado. Quick question does anyone know what's a good time be at work if u have to be at work for training at 6am in Everett. Get there at 5: Yup, the earlier, the better The first few days she should go super early so she can get her bearings on where to go ad how fast the lot fills up.

What I did for training was take the bus. I got an orca card. You fill it up each month: Then the bus dumps you off right at the gate. I think she might wanna do the bus route..